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Brazilian dream to qualify for the round of 16 to be delayed after they were held at the Estadio Castelao Mexico.

Brazilian VS Mexico World Cup 2014

Brazil had to postpone their dream to make the break-out to the last 16 after only a 0-0 draw against Mexico in the second match of Group A of the 2014 World Cup, Wednesday (18/6) early morning hrs.
Playing in a packed Estadio Castelao tens of thousands of supporters dressed in yellow, Neymar et al actually deadlocked despite appearing more dominant than his opponent.

With this result, the position of the host in the table standings remained unchanged while those who still inhabit the top thanks to a collection of four points. Meanwhile, the acquisition of the figures in this party put Mexico second with the same value as Brazil.

world cup 2014 Brazilian dream to qualify for the round of 16 to be delayed after they were held at the Estadio Castelao Mexico.

First round, Brazilian VS Mexico World Cup 2014

Prime attack in this match was built by Mexico through a cross from the right side in the third minute. By deploying two strikers defense to Brazil, El Tricolor chance obtained the endless goals can be driven due to Thiago Silva.

After that, the home side appeared dominant with mastering the game. In the 11th minute, Fred even able to threaten through the following sontekannya of Oscar bait, but the linesman had raised his flag offside sign first.

Before 20 minutes, the game is fairly hard, which can be evidenced by the number resulting violations on both sides. For a business that Mexico violated Brazilian Seleção seven times while the fouled opponent three times.

Miguel Herrera forces more depressed is not without opportunities. In the 23rd minute, midfielder Hector Herrera came close to opening the scoring if his hard shot from outside the box is not denied by Julio Cesar. So even Brazil, they are also almost broke the deadlock four minutes before the half-hour if the resulting Neymar golden opportunity with a header not driven Guillermo Ochoa.

Felt find a dead end, a Marcelo even come forward to help the attack. By getting a chance while unmarked, penggawa Real Madrid launched a long-range shot at seven before halftime, which was also produced as the result of the first round and then quits.

Second Round, Brazilian VS Mexico World Cup 2014

In the second half, coach Luiz Felipe Scolari decided to pull out and replace it with Bernard Ramires. Hose not long after entered, the 21-year-old boy gives his contribution to cross off into the heart of the defense intended to Neymar. However, Francisco Rodriguez is in the right position to confront these opportunities.

After threatened, Mexico then tried his luck to push back. In the 53rd minute, Andres Guardado shot distance in order to target the goalkeeper Cesar, but the opportunity could be defeated David Luiz kick the closing direction.

Bak gets a fresh breeze, Mexico which appear with a red-black uniform even managed to master the game. Moreover, repeated speculation execution of their midfield often troublesome Cesar, who was forced to fall up to secure the net.

Because never see the results, then replace Fred Scolari with Jo to turn the game in 20 minutes remaining. However, the young star Neymar even more attention as he stole nearly successful goalkeeper Ochoa through volley from inside the penalty box.

On the opposing side, coach Herrera also make the turn with the striker Oribe Peralta and pull out the insert Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez. Although both camps owned exert all efforts in the remaining minutes, still no goals were successfully witnessed the spectators at Estadio Castelao
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